Speed takes longer than a week, trust me.

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One of my biggest challenges with endurance sports is the whole endurance piece. Sustaining a large amount of effort over a long amount of time. Growing up I always plays sports with sprinting, Baseball, Football, Bowling…you get the picture.

Those sports are great, but they never help you with endurance. So it really hit me yesterday after sprints, it takes longer than a week to build speed.

I have noticed that, as I imagine other beginners do, I start off way too fast. I also think I can sustain a pace that is way too fast. Yet even after disappointing, huffing and puffing, terrible feeling finishes my next race I am right back in the same spot.

One thing I must do is honestly evaluate my level of fitness. I think if I focus on the following it should fall into place:

  • Consistency – was I able to maintain my speed throughout the entire workout/race
  • Recovery – I am pretty good at realizing I am too tired the next day. But I must maintain that focus
  • Slow progression – I must become ok with not being at my goal pace tomorrow.

The list seems sort of easy after typing it out. But it is the hardest thing for me. I will be testing it out this Sat at a duathalon. So hopefully I am disciplined enough to maintain a realistic pace. 

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