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The Morning Quick Garmin Charge

Posted by Ed Crossman in Training


I love my Garmin, I have to have it on to swim, bike, and run. Almost immediately after training I jump on my computer and upload to my favorite sites. It is a habit by now.

And then inevitably I leave my Garmin on. Oh it beeps and buzzes but somehow all those signals have been filtered as normal background noise.

So then comes the next time I want to exercise. The Garmin has been on all night buzzing and beeping…pleading to turn it off, yet it sat, ignored until I have a use for it again.

This leads me to where I am now, sitting at my computer, killing a few minutes to get my charge up to at least 20-25% so I can go on a 75minute run. If I only could gain .1mph on my bike each time, or perhaps gain 5 seconds per 100/meter on my swim each time…or 5 seconds faster on my minutes per mile…I’d be a champ by now.

Or maybe I could look for a picture for this post. In fact I will, I just googled ‘best picture on the intenet’ and hoped for the best…well¬†¬†delivered…enjoy

Taken from

Taken from